Douglas Ruby, Ph.D.

Consultant to the Photovoltaics Industry

Previous Employment

11/18/1985 to 1/28/2008

Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Team Leader of PV Cell Development Team and $2M/year semiconductor fabrication facility. Directed 7 team members, authored annual operating plan, directed all PV cell research projects. Responsible for tasks and milestones of Si cell research and maintaining quality control.

Director of Crystalline Silicon Research Cooperative, a government/industry consortium for mutually beneficial research consisting of representatives from the entire US Si-PV manufacturing and research communities.

Contract monitor and advisor for several R&D contracts in the DOE Concentrator Initiative Program 1990-1993, closely involved and providing technical feedback for manufacturers developing Concentrator Photovoltaics systems.

Charter member of the PV Manufacturing Technology Program Implementation Committee, a DOE/National Lab group directing $11M/year in industry-contracted DOE research.

Successfully led two 3-year competitively chosen projects as Principal Investigator in silicon solar cell processing, submitting original proposals, building successful interdisciplinary teams, authoring review presentations, and meeting all milestones.

Initiated and directed a graduate student research program at the University of New Mexico with Prof. Charles Fleddermann resulting in several graduate student thesis projects in solar cell fabrication processing to improve solar cell performance.

Authored competitively evaluated proposal to DOE Hydrogen Program to lead a multidisciplinary team in a project to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness of PV-powered water-electrolysis for hydrogen production.

Selected to serve as subarea chairman of 2000 IEEE PV Specialists Conference in Silicon Cell Processing.

Invited to serve as Session Chairman of PV session at 1999 ASME Renewable Energy Conference.

Directed graduate student research program contract at Georgia Institute of Technology with Prof. Ajeet Rohatgi. Managed $2.8M solar cell research and development contract.

Initiated and successfully conducted several direct industry joint experiments with most major US Si solar cell manufacturers, resulting in numerous publications and several process improvements adopted by industry into manufacturing production lines.


PV cell, module, array and system predictive modeling and performance measurements.

Development of improvements to predictive model algorithms.

PV cell and module test procedures, measurement protocols and performance analysis.

Design of experiments statistical analysis.

Quality control and management of semiconductor processes using Statistical Process Control (SPC).

Silicon and compound semiconductor concentrator and one-sun solar cell design, fabrication, and performance analysis.

Accelerated ultraviolet-light exposure-testing of solar cells for performance degradation studies.

Controlled-atmosphere, solar cell busbar soldering.

Toxic gas detection systems, fire suppression systems in solar cell fab cleanroom.

Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of silicon oxides and nitrides.

Selective Reactive Ion Etching of silicon devices.

Plasma-texturing of silicon surfaces.

Photolithography and image reversal.

Low-temperature surface and bulk defect passivation.

Atmospheric-pressure chemical vapor deposition of silicon dioxide.


8/1/79 to 8/1/85            Research Assistant, University of Illinois, Semiconductor Physics

8/1/80 to 12/1/80          Teaching Assistant, University of Illinois, Semiconductor Physics

8/1/78 to 8/1/79            Teaching Assistant, University of Illinois, General Physics

1/1/77 to 12/1/77          Research Assistant, M.I.T., Atomic Physics

1/1/76 to 8/1/76            Research Assistant, M.I.T., Electron Optics


United States Patent: “Silicon Solar Cells Made By A Self-Aligned, Selective-Emitter, Plasma-Etchback Process,” Issued February 16, 1999, Patent Number 5,871,591.

United States Patent: “Method For Fabricating Silicon Cells,” Issued August 11, 1998, Patent Number 5,792,280.

United States Patent: “Metal Catalyst Technique for Texturing Silicon Solar Cells,” Issued December 11, 2001, Patent Number 6,329,296.

United States Patent: “Silicon Cells Made by a Self-Aligned, Selective-Emitter, Plasma-Etchback and Texture Process,” Issued July 18, 2000, Patent Number 6,091,021.

United States Patent: “Alternating Current Photovoltaic Building Block,” Issued June 15, 2004, Patent Number 6,750,391,B2.


> Designed and fabricated world’s first 20% efficient Si concentrator solar cell.

> Ph.D. Thesis: A Study of Electron Traps in VPE GaAs Grown With Added Oxygen

> Received Best Paper Award at 1999 ASME Renewable Energy Conference.

> Bachelor’s Thesis: A Study of Linewidths in Rydberg States of Atomic Sodium

> Fluent in German.


Albuquerque, NM 87109-6404


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